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10 Best Throw Pillows to Curl Up With on the Couch

One Kings Lane Anchors Wool Throw Pillow               This wool accent pillow’s boldly colored nautical motif is the picture of refined kitsch. It adds a little personality to a neutral room. Photo: Credit

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15 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

Indoor Fairy Garden               Whoever said that fairies can’t come inside? Make this adorable fairy herb garden that doubles as a beautiful room decor. Photo: Tutorial

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15 Home Decor Trends That Are Shaping This Year

Bathrooms That Feel Like Living Spaces           It’s time to take your bathroom back, and to achieve that goal is to introduce some homey items — like the plush chairs and fresh flowers here — into the space.

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10 Clever Ways to Make Your Hallway Work Harder

Hang Your Cutest Clothes               Floral dresses and tunics are too beautiful to be tucked away in a closet. Show ’em off instead by hanging them in the hallway outside of your bedroom. Photo: Credit

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