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20 Christmas Appetizers

20 Amazing Christmas Appetizers Crazy Enough To DIY

Adding some Mediterranean flavor to your Chrismas table.                 More info: Here

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Spicy salad

15 Refreshing Ceviche Recipes for Hot Summer Nights

So fresh!                   Avocados stuffed with chopped and chilled shrimp and scallops…This easy-to-make classic Mexican appetizer is so simple yet so fresh and flavorful! Not to mention that it looks amazing! Definitely a fabulous idea! Recipe: Here

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Vegetarian recipe

20 Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Cook

  Fantastic recipe!                   Absolutely delicious, easy to make, and full of flavor! Not to mention that nothing can warm you up better on a chilly night, rainy day or in winter cold and flu season that some classic chicken noodle soup! Recipe: Here

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Great flavors

12 Must Have Summer Burgers. # 5 Is Definitely My Favorite!

Delicious combo!                     This chicken avocado burger is a refreshing change from the standard burger. The ground chicken mixes so well with the chopped avocado. Actually, you can use turkey instead of chicken, add tomato or lettuce on top of the burger, or anything else you […]

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