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21 Kitchen Pantry ideas

21 Amazing Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas

Looks ordinary, but take a second look. Photo: Credit I originally thought I didn’t have space for a pantry like this, but I had an epiphany this morning and realized I can use my laundry room as a dual-functioning pantry!  An exemplary good pantry that contains all the right perks – you don’t need a […]

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14 Low Budget High Impact DIY Home Decor Projects

DIY Furry Desk Chair               Retro fur accent chairs can make the space feel cozy and inviting. Every girl must have a pair of ghost chairs with fur seat covers in her room. Photo: Tutorial

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10 Organization Tricks for People With Too Many Clothes

Double Up Your Hangers     Who knew those metal tabs that come on your soda cans could help your closet work twice as hard? Use the tab to hook two hangers together so you only have to hang one from your rod. Our clothes are with us day after day. Our closets should be […]

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Farmhouse Organization

10 More Farmhouse Kitchen Storage & Organization Ideas

1.Pottery Barn Inspired Glass Rack Photo: Tutorial Hello there! I have ten gorgeous organization ideas that can maybe ease your way around the kitchen. Flip through and see if you will get a practical idea that you can take, twist or tailor. Ever thought of lining up your cups and glasses on a simple wooden rack? […]

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12 DIY Makeup Storage and Organization Ideas

Vanity Made From an Old Suitcase Photo:Credit Optimise Design sourced a vintage suitcase from a secondhand store, lined it with fabric, and attached legs from Ikea. An electrician helped install the lights.

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9 DIY Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Bathroom Bigger

Mason Jar Bathroom Set   Who said diamonds are a girls best friend?? Because as we all know, mason jars are most definitely a girls best friend especially when you need to get your bathroom accessories organized quickly and cheaply. Tiny bathrooms are usually a call for help. While cleaning them is not a fun […]

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10 DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas & Makeover Tips

Repurpose Old Ladder for Towel Storage               Upcycle an old ladder into some chic bathroom towel storage. If you don’t have an old ladder you could pick one up at a local flea market or online. Just clean it up and add some high gloss varnish! Photo: Tutorial

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7 Ingenious & Easy Shower Storage Ideas

Minimum Work, Maximum Results Photo: Credit Not everyone is a fan of DIY work, so here is a simple and effortless solution. Just add a few large metal clips and you have a very useful toiletries storage system for your small bathroom. You can hang a lot of accessories on these clips. Not only the ones […]

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Storage ideas featured 2

21 Storage Ideas That You Never Thought Of

Storage and rubbish! Starting small usually makes for a great start. It’s not a rocket science so you can start doing it right now. You will be amazed how easy and simple is to free more space in your home. #1 on our list is a small hidden container right inside the kitchen that can do miracles. Whether […]

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20 Tin Can Storage and Organization Uses You Never Thought Of

20 Tin Can Storage and Organization Uses You Never Thought Of

20. The perfect storage solution Ever wondered what to do with all these tin cans? Do you throw them away? Wait a moment, there are plenty of ideas to ged rid of them in a creative way. “Use mod podge to adhere cookbook pages or scrapbook pages onto your cans for a unique look. These […]

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