Truly Impressive Porch Remodels

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Cute!                   An easy, simple, budget-friendly remodel. Sometimes, de-cluttering, rearranged furniture, and some coats of paint can really make miracles! A new cabinet and side table in lovely colors add height, visual interest,  and extra appeal. What a delightful porch! Gorgeous potted flowers add extra color and … Read more

These Magnificent Japanese Gardens Will Leave You Speechless

Awesome!                   A charming pavilion on a wooden deck surrounded by lush greenery…Stone and paper lanterns and garden décor elements immediately grab and keep attention. Different shades of green and different textures add extra visual interest. This enchanting space is pure beauty, harmony, spirituality, and simplicity! Photo: … Read more

15 Captivating Courtyards To Dream About

So charming!                   A bubbling fountain creates a soothing atmosphere in this enchanting space. Vintage seating adds functionality. Lush greenery in an exuberant mix of colors adds texture and scent. This courtyard is all about color, charm, functionality, and visual appeal. Photo: Credit

12 Charming Screened-in Porches To Make You Envious

Beauty in blue and white!                   Bright and airy, this coastal-inspired porch offers a gorgeous view.  The timeless blue-and-white combo works well with the massive table and floor in warm brown. An area rug adds extra visual interest and flowers and apples – freshness, scent, and pops … Read more

These Heavenly Beautiful Gardens Are Pure Romance

So charming! Lights leading to a well-lit gazebo situated in an enchanting backyard garden… It is the perfect setting for a truly romantic night…Sting light, hanging lanterns, candles…so much light… And plenty of flowers. This spot offers privacy, romance, charm, appeal, and visual interest. Definitely a dream-come-true space! Photo: Credit Pure romance! Generally, arbors infuse … Read more

These Garden Structures Are Pure Beauty And Creativity

Awesome!                   A beautifully  styled set of three trellises, which can be both ground  or wall mounted for use in any space. Versatile, of durable design, with gorgeous detailing, this stunning cathedral trellises can add charm and personality to any outdoor space. Definitely an adorable way to … Read more

15 Absolutely Gorgeous Stone Water Features

Awesome!                   Get creative and inventive! Add DIY exterior décor elements and make your space look green, beautiful, refreshing, and soothing. Actually, incorporating any kind of water feature can complete change the look of any outdoor space and turn even an ordinary, boring yard into a fabulous … Read more

Epic, Awesome, Unbelievably Beautiful Garden Decors

Fascinating space!                   A gorgeous seating arrangement complemented by a charming, beautifully embellished garden and a hammock… Enchanting! Cushions add extra seating if needed. All-white furniture against the background of the beautiful greenery… So peaceful! Definitely a heavenly beautiful spot where to spend some time reading, or … Read more

20 Stunning Home Pools To Make You Dream About

1.Awesome! Photo: Credit A contemporary house of modern design, which offers functionality, sophistication, and luxury. The yard with a traditional swimming pool complemented by a comfortable seating arrangement is a stunning space to relax. A captivating piece of modern art overlooking the pool adds visual interest and personality.