10 Clever Ways to Make Your Hallway Work Harder


Hang Your Cutest Clothes Floral dresses and tunics are too beautiful to be tucked away in a closet. Show ’em off instead by hanging them in the hallway outside of your bedroom.[pslider] What you can achieve by doing that is everyone will be envy of your new dresses and clothes. It’s good to have them well … Read more

12 Jaw-Dropping Coastal-Inspired Sunrooms

So bright and airy!                   Unique floor-to-ceiling windows, comfy seating, a lovely Chinese garden chair and throw pillows…So charming! A custom glass-topped coffee table with a driftwood base acts as an artistic centerpiece. An absolutely mind-blowing space with a stunning view! Photo: Credit

15 Adorable Laundry Rooms To Dream About

So adorable! What an attractive way to organize stain remedy items! Generally, you can use cute containers to store your laundry essentials. Add labels to easily find what you need, and voilà! Organization at your fingertips. Plus, this is an option to add visual interest and personality to the laundry space. Photo: Credit

12 Magnificent Mediterranean Living Rooms To Leave You Spellbound

So elegant!                   A mind-blowing floor-to-ceiling fireplace is the focal point in this Mediterranean-style living room with a distinctive architectural character. Oversized windows offer adequate natural light and a beautiful view. Comfortable furniture and an area rug add elegance. An adorable mantel display adds color and visual … Read more

14 Delightful Spring-Inspired Spaces

So fresh!                   In this elegant living room, light green armchairs  complemented by floral-patterned curtains and throw pillows create a fresh, inviting atmosphere. Pops of blue and orange add to the spring vibe of the space. An oversized  piece of wall art beautifies the room and adds … Read more

12 Enchanting Asian-Inspired Rooms To Leave You Speechless

Lovely!                   Stunningly embellished wooden coffee table, throw pillows and an area rug in gorgeous, bold colors immediately grab the eye! Accent wall complemented by wall art stands out. Mismatching lamps- table and floor, offer task and mood lighting and add extra visual interest.  Elegant dark furniture … Read more

13 Captivating Onyx Décor Ideas

Awesome! This contemporary living room with low- level furniture radiates elegance, harmony, style, and luxury. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide adequate natural light. A stunning chandelier and a pair of table lamps add sparkle and extra appeal. Potted flowers bring in freshness. However, an accent fireplace onyx wall is the focal point of this bright and airy … Read more

14 Fascinating Kitchen Windows. # 7 Is To Die For.

  Awesome!                   When it comes to attic spaces, sometimes lighting could be a challenging task. Generally, the more light you provide for the space, the more inviting it will be. In this all-white attic kitchen, two skylights both provide adequate light and add visual interest. A … Read more