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23 Amazing DIY Christmas Decor Ideas on a Budget

Handprint Snowman Ornaments             Here’s a super cute way to turn your ornaments into keepsakes and preserve the size of your children’s handprints this Christmas. All you need is: Shiny Ornaments, Acrylic Paint, Washi Tape, Paintbrush, Scissors, Toothpicks. Photo: Tutorial

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13 DIY Patio Furniture Ideas that Are Simple and Cheap

Cinder Block Planters Not only does this cinder block project work great as a chair, but it makes a gorgeous planter for your patio! Photo: Credit

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14 Low Budget High Impact DIY Home Decor Projects

DIY Furry Desk Chair               Retro fur accent chairs can make the space feel cozy and inviting. Every girl must have a pair of ghost chairs with fur seat covers in her room. Photo: Tutorial

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13 Most Beautiful DIY Garden Path Ideas

Wood Garden Path               This wood plank path requires more skill than all the other garden paths. Photo: Credit

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11 Stunning DIY Wall Art Ideas

DIY Door Mat Wall Art           This project was done a genius way. Just take 4 thin boards, stain them, put a Lowes plastic door mat over the top, apply cream spray paint then take off and you get the stunning wall art! Photo: Tutorial

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12 DIY Makeup Storage and Organization Ideas

Vanity Made From an Old Suitcase Photo:Credit Optimise Design sourced a vintage suitcase from a secondhand store, lined it with fabric, and attached legs from Ikea. An electrician helped install the lights.

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9 DIY Storage Ideas That Will Make Your Bathroom Bigger

Mason Jar Bathroom Set   Who said diamonds are a girls best friend?? Because as we all know, mason jars are most definitely a girls best friend especially when you need to get your bathroom accessories organized quickly and cheaply. Tiny bathrooms are usually a call for help. While cleaning them is not a fun […]

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10 DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas & Makeover Tips

Repurpose Old Ladder for Towel Storage               Upcycle an old ladder into some chic bathroom towel storage. If you don’t have an old ladder you could pick one up at a local flea market or online. Just clean it up and add some high gloss varnish! Photo: Tutorial

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20 Tin Can Storage and Organization Uses You Never Thought Of

20 Tin Can Storage and Organization Uses You Never Thought Of

20. The perfect storage solution Ever wondered what to do with all these tin cans? Do you throw them away? Wait a moment, there are plenty of ideas to ged rid of them in a creative way. “Use mod podge to adhere cookbook pages or scrapbook pages onto your cans for a unique look. These […]

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Wine bottle storage

You Will Definitely Love These DIY Wine Storage Solutions

Brilliant idea!                   A wagon wheel transformed into a freestanding wine rack complemented by a tasting table…What a creative reuse of a wagon wheel! Beyond doubt,  this is a statement piece of décor, which can add warmth, charm, and personality to any space. Definitely a captivating way […]

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