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Who Else Would Do It Oh That Well: Do it by Yourself

Crafts, projects, ideas and essential life skills for DIY projects – our DIY Home section on presents the most beautiful, artsy creations out there. This is a special selection of items, elements, and decorations you can create by yourself. Not only do they look amazing, you get to enjoy the process of creating something on your own.

There’s more to DIY projects that meets the eye. Creating something special with your hands brings you joy, it relaxes you and helps you let go of over thinking, stressing and the hustle of the modern life. There’s a lot you can buy at the store that is beautiful and ready to hang on your wall, but can we really compare the feeling when you have done it by yourself?

DIY projects are a true an art therapy for our senses. You can practice mindfulness and concentration while you are focused on the task.
The hip, trendy ideas on handmade objects, elements, toys and decorations have become an obsession for many! We focus on clever, superb home décor ideas that you can mix and match, or even twist. Your taste and personalized approach is of utmost importance, because it brings an idea to life. What you put your efforts and your heart into beautifies everything around. Whether you gift it to someone or keep it on the shelf – your special imprint will be there!

Here is a sneak peek on our DIY solutions database: designing your own centerpiece for the table, how to create a hip tree for the next holiday, wreaths and ornaments; wall art and wall decorations; DIY make up storages; reusing and recycling old furniture; decorating mason jars and water bottles; creating a new dreamy DIY room; cleaning DIY hacks; crafting your own scented candles, woodworking, tips and tricks for storage ideas and many more crafty designs!

You can wave boredom goodbye and we will make sure it never returns. Your home can become a DIY wonderland with your simple efforts and little hints and winks form our side. We recommend switching between activities and giving our minds creative breaks from time to time. Doing-it-yourself means settling in your own presence and peace. Finding your next great potential and creating a divine object that utilizes the best potential of your home.

Your environment is as important as you are, so let’s find a way to incorporate more of what is specific to your taste and preference and less of everything else. We often find that store-purchased products are lookalikes to each other and we want to build something unique. Hence, the power of a DIY creation – it has all the best colors, features, textures and it cannot be repeated, even when it’s produced in the exact same way for a second time.

We share little shots of gratitude, awe, and inspiration in this category! There is so much you can do that is cheap, effective and adventurous. Most of the ideas we share are easily achievable on a budget, make us of things you already have lying around in cabinets and drawers. Grab your brushes, scissors, the old buttons from that winter coat and a cup of coffee – we have a lot to share!