15 Must-Have Sweet and Savory Pies

Easy-to-make, refreshing, and delicious pie!                   Pudding pies are so easy and simple to make! Plus, this pistachio and mint combo sounds incredibly tasty! So, if pistachio is among your favorite nuts, this pie is definitely a must-try one! Recipe: Here

13 Cheesecakes to Dream about Tonight

Divine!                   Wow! This cheesecake looks amazing! So smooth…and creamy…and delicious…Pure perfection! Something definitely worth making any time you have dinner guests! Unquestionably, they will be impressed! Recipe: Here

20 Shocking Examples of What 200 Calories Look Like in Various Foods

Indulge yourself in a glazed doughnut!                 Doughnuts are a favorite breakfast treat. However, they have rather unhealthy nutritional values. For example, only one Dunkin’ powdered doughnut has 340 calories, with 200 of them coming from fat. As the FDA recommends only 2,000 calories daily, obviously we should … Read more

20 Storage Ideas That You Never Thought Of

1. Practical solution! Photo: Credit Have you ever thought that most of our jeans, dresses, trousers, handbags and other lovely accessories can be easily kept right below the bed? This image reminds me it can be good to have the basics on display. We tend to take less time to dress with easy access.  For … Read more