12 Gorgeous Garden Ideas

12 Gorgeous Garden Ideas

1. Wonderland Walkway Step on a path that leads to something beautiful. With each step you take, take a moment to go deep inside and realize that you are the one receiving the wonders of this world.[pslider] Filter your dreams, breathe in the scent of the flowers and realize you are truly connected. All paths in … Read more

15 Conversation Starters Doormats To Reflect Your Style

1. The Complimentary, Girlie Doormat! Photo: Credit The valley girl accent made popular by so many movies rings loud and true in the words of this doormat. There’s a reason you’re hearing that. The funny, pop culture reference is unmistakable. This doormat includes a Regina George quote from the movie Mean Girls. “You’re like, really pretty.” is … Read more

14 Magnificent Small Urban Gardens

So vibrant!                   Exposed brick, a stunning oversized mirror, which creates a sense of space, a romantic seating arrangement, ivy topiaries…This tiny garden is simply breathtaking! Accent décor elements and potted flowers add extra color, visual interest, and personality. Photo: Credit

You Will Definitely Love These DIY Wine Storage Solutions

Wine bottle storage

Brilliant idea!                   A wagon wheel transformed into a freestanding wine rack complemented by a tasting table…What a creative reuse of a wagon wheel! Beyond doubt,  this is a statement piece of décor, which can add warmth, charm, and personality to any space. Definitely a captivating way … Read more

12 Kids-Friendly Backyards To Fascinate You

Terrific!                   This wooden playhouse-and-sandbox combo is a gorgeous option for any kid to play and dream. The blue-painted playhouse stands out against the background of the lush greenery and turns into a focal point of the space. Definitely a dream-come-true space for kids! Photo: Credit

13 Awesome DIY Plant Stands To Beautifully Display Your Flowers

Truly charming!                   This four-level plant stand is definitely a perfect place to display your favorite plants. Actually, it is an easy-to-build, affordable DIY option.  Furthermore, the plant is an eye-grabbing piece of furniture and whether positioned indoors or out, it becomes the focal point of the … Read more

12 Jaw-Dropping Coastal-Inspired Sunrooms

So bright and airy!                   Unique floor-to-ceiling windows, comfy seating, a lovely Chinese garden chair and throw pillows…So charming! A custom glass-topped coffee table with a driftwood base acts as an artistic centerpiece. An absolutely mind-blowing space with a stunning view! Photo: Credit

15 Adorable Laundry Rooms To Dream About

So adorable! What an attractive way to organize stain remedy items! Generally, you can use cute containers to store your laundry essentials. Add labels to easily find what you need, and voilà! Organization at your fingertips. Plus, this is an option to add visual interest and personality to the laundry space. Photo: Credit

12 Magnificent Mediterranean Living Rooms To Leave You Spellbound

So elegant!                   A mind-blowing floor-to-ceiling fireplace is the focal point in this Mediterranean-style living room with a distinctive architectural character. Oversized windows offer adequate natural light and a beautiful view. Comfortable furniture and an area rug add elegance. An adorable mantel display adds color and visual … Read more

13 Vibrant Cottage Garden Layouts To Enchant You

So idyllic! A small picture-perfect cottage surrounded by a colorful garden…Enchanting beauty! Climbing roses supported by simple trellises cover the roof and add visual interest, scent, and personality. Plenty of old-fashioned flowers in vibrant colors add so much charm. Diversity reigns in this space with a truly picturesque look… Photo: Credit