21 Amazing Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas

Looks ordinary, but take a second look.

Kitchen pantry ideas 1

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I originally thought I didn’t have space for a pantry like this, but I had an epiphany this morning and realized I can use my laundry room as a dual-functioning pantry! 

An exemplary good pantry that contains all the right perks – you don’t need a map to find anything inside. From top to bottom – all boxes and containers are aligned! You can be as creative as possible to arrange all the jars, boxes and containers in such way that they are in the right place, easy to access and look nice.

Let’s get organized with this baskets.

Kitchen pantry ideas 2

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#2 is a special pantry case, too.

All packs of food are on display, you can easily locate the best food choice. You can push and pull the racks and optimize space.

Pantry organization… One day I will have one like this

Kitchen pantry ideas 3

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You don’t have to be OCD to find this exceptionally tidy. Take a look at that space!

All jars have special tags, so you are sure to always find the right goodies.

Lid Racks

Kitchen pantry ideas 4

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Or use the back of the door to store notoriously un-organizable pot lids.

Top of the morning or top of your pans! This is a pantry door that conveniently holds all the tops of all the pans one could need in a lifetime.

Lazy Susans are always a good idea.

Kitchen pantry ideas 5

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Another bright idea! Why don’t you utilize spaces between the pantry walls? Angles are opportunities for optimization.

All condiments are on point. Mix, match, organize and stay calm!

I think this one is not a DIY, but it’s great.

Kitchen pantry ideas 6

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You use your pots and pans hardly ever? Here’s a classic: use the bottom drawers in your kitchen and keep your space wide open.

Prioritization is a key and it saves time and space.

The drawer is the high-rolling storage solution…

Kitchen pantry ideas 7

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A pantry that resembles a waterfall is a simple and practical idea.

You can use cascading drawers of different lengths, so all the content is visible from the first sight!

Dog lovers know their lives are really ruled by pets…

Kitchen pantry ideas 8

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“I like the smell of cat food”, said no one ever. So, a big bottom drawer that fully isolates the smell comes in handy.

Plus, it keeps the food of the animals fresh.

Neat and pretty.

Kitchen pantry ideas 9

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And another role model of a pantry. This one has more space and keeps inside everything: pasta, rice, bottles, paper and electric appliances.

All stored perfectly.

Tips and tricks

Kitchen pantry ideas 10

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Perfect for getting the kitchen and pantry organized this new year!

This whole wall has been occupied by baskets that are labeled and organized accordingly. If you are not a fan of labeling, consider giving it a chance, it’s a time-saver.

That’s an amazing spice rack.

Kitchen pantry ideas 11

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Spices, herbs, and supplements of all kinds (especially small ones) fit best on the inside racks of a pantry door.

Also, expiration dates can be properly monitored this way.

Flip wire shelves upside down for cans

Kitchen pantry ideas 12

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Okay, biscuit and canned food lovers, I have something for you as well!

You can utilize much more of the space in the pantry, by sorting out and layering the cans.

Use pencil drawer organizers inside your pantry for easy spice storage.

Kitchen pantry ideas 13

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Another look into other people’s pantry here from the bottom up where we can see that everything …

…from Tupperware to spices has its proper place.

Love this pantry too….

Kitchen pantry ideas 14

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…especially the pouches on the door

Possibly my favorite so far: small, colorful and ten times more. You see, it us up to us to create a beautiful and useful place that makes life easier.

Kitchen pantry with sliding barn door.

Kitchen pantry ideas 15

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This pantry has to be the home owner’s pride. It is white,

stylish and clean and it is a perfect example of a pantry unit for a modern day home.

Getting your kitchen organized is important for your busy lifestyle

Kitchen pantry ideas 16

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#16 on our list is a brown pantry with two doors and three labeled drawers.

The best addition here, however, is the top part, which is designated to keep wine bottles.

Dark blue

Kitchen pantry ideas 17

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Next, we are stepping the game up with a larger pantry space,

painted in blue and designed to hold inside every single possession that cannot be kept for long in the kitchen.

Overwhelmed by organization.

Kitchen pantry ideas 18

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Modern day pantries are specially designed to use the height of the doors.

This one represents the content inside so well, it is much like being in a supermarket.

Stairwell hidden cupboard.

Kitchen pantry ideas 19

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Another great idea is using the space below the staircase of your house to make it a pantry heaven.

You can also use removable container units for more functionality.

Built in bins for non-refrigerated produce

Kitchen pantry ideas 20

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Here is an ideal choice for all the fans of healthy eating: you can keep a good stash of produce.

Drawers can be easily installed right in your kitchen.

Kitchen pantry by Rev-a-shelf

Kitchen pantry ideas 21

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Last, but not least, if you want to keep all the kitchen space clean, a hidden pantry drawer that is installed inside,

is a considerable advantage for a mission of a clean kitchen.