20 Amazing Christmas Staircases Decorated Beyond Imagination

Christmas staircases decoration 1I always dreamed about the tree by the staircase and the kids coming down the stairs!

You can think of Christmas as a part of the year when the whole family gathers together to celebrate and have some quality time. It’s not about the presents, but the most precious moment in our lifetime. We can be good at Christmas, sharing love and happiness with each other.

I don’t know any of my friends that is not in love with Christmas. Even more, they are waiting for Christmas from October. Some experts even said that putting your Christmas decor earlier will make you happier. I’m not sure about that, as I put my Christmas tree a week before Christmas. You can say it’s too late, but that’s just my preference.

We love to decorate for Christmas and the staircase gets some real attention. We use a lot of lights and garlands to make it more impressive. They are lit all night long to create the festive mood and atmosphere. Me and my little daughter are waiting for Santa Claus to come and bring some presents.

In the morning the presents are there and the happiness in the eyes of the child is worth a million.

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