14 Fabulous Fall Pumpkin Centerpieces To Steal The Show

Buffet table

Cake Stands & New Friends

This over the top table is something to be admired.

Let’s view the decoration detail by detail and find what makes it special.

What can we use here and tailor it to our taste?

We have pumpkins, flowers, pinecones, food and bouquets to arrange.

Cake stands are awesome bases for decorations.

You will like this so much that you will want to take plenty of photos to share with family and friends.

Pumpkins positioned on elevated cake stands…Plenty of pinecones complement the display. Fake nests and eggs add a touch of unexpectedness and a delightful bouquet – color, scent, and charm. This buffet table arrangement is so creative…and bountiful…and colorful…and rustic…

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