12 Creative Ways To Use Cinder Blocks In Your Garden

Nice addition to any outdoor space!

Need more planters? This cinder blocks project offers endless color and pattern options. A simple, easy-to-make, and budget-friendly DIY option, which can add functionality, visual interest , color, and personality to any outdoor space.

Definitely a creative way to turn cinder blocks into a chic, statement piece of outdoor décor! Cinder blocks are large ingenious structures that we can use as a base for many creative tricks.

These planters are painted in gray and neon colors and they seem like the perfect beds for flowers. You can put them on the porch, in the garden, wherever you want to add some more color and life. You can buy cheap cinder blocks, which are not as heavy as the bigger and more expensive products. Just get the size that you can easily carry and move if you need. Don’t go for many pieces, first try with several and then go and buy more if you need to.

Here is a list containing twelve awesome examples showing how we can use these blocks in our gardens.

Instructions: Here

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