10 Delightful Backyard Fountains That You Will Fall In Love With

Water Flows

This incredible fountain is the collaboration between three small pots and one big pot that is at the base of the fountain.

As you can easily notice, the lights shine through the water and the pots.

It’s always about adding something extra unique and exclusive to the design.

Its decorative power is undeniable. The design is easily recognizable and looks fabulous.

The bricks in the back fit well with the rest of the elements and bring forth the beauty of the water and the pots.

The stones on the floor simply add up to the charm.

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Golden Chills

Sometimes we just wish to chill out, unload and feel our bodies, minds, and spirits lighter.

Beyond our daily thoughts, tasks, and organization, we need somewhere we can let go of all of the temporary obligations and relax.

Fountains like this one remind me that it’s quite hard to do that if you don’t have a water pool around or some water source.

It is recommended that we hear the sounds of the falling water drops, to relax and enjoy it. This golden fountain is the best, classic and elegant solution.

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Fantastic Day

I often think that sometimes we strive too much; we apply too much pressure and push for things to happen when it’s probably not the right moment.

From a higher perspective, we realize everything in our life is set exactly when we are ready for it.

All of these philosophical observations of mine fit with the idea that a fountain reminds us to breathe, meditate or simply stop and contemplate.

Our life force is precious and it’s more than just energy, it’s a reminder of our own value and peace of mind.

The Essential components of dignified living, if we wish for a fantastic day & fantastic lives!

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Five Steps Ahead

Cascading water is almost easily found in nature. If you are living near waterfalls, consider yourself lucky.

This five-step fountain is a golden dream.

A dream that has been well-lit, designed and put forth to the market so that we can have a waterfall in our homes.

Surely, on a lesser scale, no doubt about it… Still beautiful, though!

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Modest of All

This tiny fountain is so good when you want to add a simple element and still enjoy the benefits.

It is, of course, connected to the water supply system, it looks quite modest and it does a great job.

It will fit just fine in your yard, even if you have very little space inside.

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Standing Tall

It’s time for a more glorious component of the design.

This is specially designed for yards and it does make a statement from the very first sight.

This stone fountain is great for a big garden where it can shine its beauty.

The water pool in the base can be easily filled with water lilies.

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Unusual Ways

Well, if you are not into the classic of outdoor designs, I have something for you as well.

This unusual fountain looks as if it has been made by nature itself.

You can’t really guess if it has been made by a human hand or not.

You’ll need a stable base for it, a good view of the garden and palm trees around.

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Standing In The Rain

Borderline adorable, right? I hear you, my friend.

That would be my personalized choice if I’d to pick one.

The boy and the girl standing in the rain is the repeating tale of all productions – movies, books, music.

However, this particular take on it will make for a completely different garden view.

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Imperfection is Cool

Chipped pots, constructions that are barely-there and tilted cakes and pastries… Mankind seems to be a little tired of achieving the illusion of perfection.

Nowadays, we sort of embrace that imperfections are what makes us perfect and we can have a fountain with a chipped pot, a chipped vase… it’s the little quirks!

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Venue Divine

Well, well. What do we have here? This divine fountain leaves us breathless.

Image walking into a yard that has one of these – pretty outstanding, right?

For the delight of our guests and visitors, we can invest in a fountain that scratches the classic stereotypes of design and adds variety.

With this last fascinating fountain, we finish our little fountain adventure and feel even more relaxed!

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