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Cleaning bathroom

15 Things That Will Make Wonders Cleaning Your Bathroom

1.Toilet Cleaning System When you reach the point of having so dirty toilet you can think, no more can be done to save it. But there is hope! You can use the ToiletWand which is modern product that has nothing in common with the traditional cleaning brushes and other toilet cleaning products that you are used […]

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10 Easy-to-use and Cheerful Kids Bathrooms

Tooth Brush Holder for Kids Bathroom             DIY a toothbrush holder out of your kid’s favorite toy. A great idea for cool kids bathroom. You may use k’nex toys or lego. Photo: Credit

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Bathroom small space

Oh, Look! These Small Bathroom Spaces Are Definitely Charming!

1. Yellow accent! A delicate pristine white sink of simple, organic design makes a style statement in this chic powder room.  Chrome elements add sparkle, a framed mirror completes this space of minimal design. A set of two yellow vases complemented by a yellow towel adds color and visual interest. Simplicity can be so stunningly […]

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