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14 Magnificent Small Urban Gardens

So vibrant!                   Exposed brick, a stunning oversized mirror, which creates a sense of space, a romantic seating arrangement, ivy topiaries…This tiny garden is simply breathtaking! Accent décor elements and potted flowers add extra color, visual interest, and personality. Photo: Credit

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Blue walls

12 Kids-Friendly Backyards To Fascinate You

Terrific!                   This wooden playhouse-and-sandbox combo is a gorgeous option for any kid to play and dream. The blue-painted playhouse stands out against the background of the lush greenery and turns into a focal point of the space. Definitely a dream-come-true space for kids! Photo: Credit

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Fascinating space

13 Vibrant Cottage Gardens To Enchant You

So idyllic!                   A small picture-perfect cottage surrounded by a colorful garden…Enchanting beauty! Climbing roses supported by simple trellises cover the roof and add visual interest, scent, and personality. Plenty of old-fashioned flowers in vibrant colors add so much charm. Diversity reigns in this space with a […]

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Red roses

13 Unique Trellises To Enhance Your Outdoors

  Simple yet elegant!                   This appealing freestanding trellis can definitely beautify any outdoor space. Of simple design yet elegant and stylish, it adds functionality and an architectural character and makes a unique garden feature. Not to mention that when covered with blooming climbing plants it is […]

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