7 Ingenious & Easy Shower Storage Ideas

Minimum Work, Maximum Results


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Not everyone is a fan of DIY work, so here is a simple and effortless solution. Just add a few large metal clips and you have a very useful toiletries storage system for your small bathroom. 

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You can hang a lot of accessories on these clips. Not only the ones that you’ll need when in the shower, but you can also hang some underwear or small towel so that they are in reach. You can also use some other clips or hooks that could be attached to the curtain rod. Well, if you want to pull the curtain they will obviously get in the way, so you should move them at the end.

Be careful not to pull the stuff very hard, because you can damage the rod and create a bathroom mess. Anyway, suit it to your needs. It easy to slip in the bathroom so always be careful when taking a shower and the floor is wet.

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